Calvary Chapel 1997-04-19 - DO

- - - - - - -

Eat, be well, be fed and I'll pray for you... DO you witness to others ? Or are you a witness. DO you preach at folks? Or DO you gently teach them ? DO you slice and dice with your Bible or DO you bless and apply the word. DO you despise me for writing this ? Let me start again...Eat be well fed and I'll pray for you …. Sometimes we DO not even venture that far DO we? Be honest. How often DO you get wind of a brother or sister hurting, and we say a quickie prayer and an even faster amen and then, whoosh (we are gone). And maybe, just maybe, when (and if) we see that person again, we may DO the socially acceptable thing and ask them "oh how are things … we are still praying for you." And when they share their dilemma with you DO you DO anything when it is in your power to DO good? Or DO you quickly forget and add them to that prayer list you really never get to? What DO you DO?

DO you ever decided to give away things to folks? DO you meet needs? Was it a sacrifice to DO it -- or just out of the "fat" portion of your stuff? Or was your stuff "not fat enough" to even help? Ever see someone in need of clothing and buy them new things and you keep the rags? Where DO you fit in? DO you give like the widow who just had two cents and gave all she owned, or DO you give like that other guy in the story? Or -- DO you run away and don't even give a hoot and hope God did not see that one? DO you pray for the peace of Jerusalem?

Hmmm … faith + deeds = the evidence of where we are truly at, huh? DO you really know, and DO you really believe, that all this on earth is gonna burn? DO you know you can't take it with you when you go see God ? DO you really live for eternity? DO you keep your eyes focused on eternal things. Or maybe partially on it ?Never? DO you look at all at the reality that God will weigh out the wood, hay and stubble of our lives? DO you know that He does reward folks? DO you care? DO you care enough?

Billy Graham said once that time is ticking … what DO you DO with yours? DO you use a portion of that time to give it back to God? What difference DO you make in your church ? Are you part of the solution? Or part of the problem? Always dissatisfied with someone? Are you brave enough to size yourself up to Jesus and not size up someone else?

These are tough questions, but if more of the DO-DO questions are not of the good DO-DO type then maybe you might want to make a DO-DO list of your own and ummmm --- may I suggest something? Ask God to CHANGE YOUR DIAPER !

In His Service,