Westminster Theological Seminary  1997-09-01 - Precious Moments

Judges 5:29 "Her wise Princesses would answer her …"

Emotion is a difficult thing to control. Thomas Manton, one of my many favorites says, "Christianity doth not abrogate affections, but regulates them." Well, Thomas Manton is long dead and I doth not doeth anything, to use my English (im)properly, I does things. In five days I will be on holiday in London. It could be an interesting time to be there. I might attend a Royal Funeral. I also might get bumped from my hotel and or plane seat from those wishing to get over the pond to attend the said funeral. This would not please me.

I can honestly say I have few emotions regarding the death of the Princess. I think it is sad, but I also think that she embraced a lifestyle that I can not and will not support. She seems like she was the type of person that a common folk like I would like to have met, but who I would not have liked to suggest others emulate in their private lives. Such is the reality of stature in the world today, it seems.

Death is a reality we all face after every breath. Every time we see someone who is precious to us, that, is a precious moment. We must cherish our hours and the hours that are left to those who we love. Day in and day out this is a struggle. The ones we love are the ones, often, who do the things that bug us the most! But these same loved ones we find most precious to us when they are away or when they are hurting.

It seems that the Princess of Wales will gain a legacy in dying young, like Marilyn Monroe or Elvis did. Her stature and legend will likely increase as the years do and like one Brit said on the BBC, "It is sad that the best of the lot (Royal Family) had to die first".

In my mind the following quote by Jonathan Edwards is a sobering reality. "We see how that none are out of the reach of death, that no greatness, no authority, no wisdom and sagacity, no honourableness of person or station, no degree of valuableness and importance, exempts from the stroke of death. This is therefore a loud and solemn warning to all sorts to prepare for their departure hence." Jonathan Edwards

Thought for today: "Brethren, it is easier to declaim against a thousand sins of others, than to mortify one sin in ourselves." John Flavel

Soli Deo Gloria,