[Papercut Press Publishing]1997-10-13 - Repentance

Acts 2:38: And Peter to them, ‘Repent’ …

Demands of Following Christ 2: Repentance

Repentance is like a sword that has two edges. The first edge is where we understand our sin and repent. And the second edge, equally important, is the part where we resolve to live anew and to cease from sin. Either one without the other does not equal repentance. Henry Smith was one of the greatest preachers England has ever seen. He was so popular that persons of nobility would be willing to stand in the isles of the church just to hear him preach. He says, “The wicked do but weep for their sins past, but the godly purpose to sin no more.” Here we see the difference between the repentance that repents and the repentance that is done to simply ease our conscience. “Ease my conscience” repentance never takes the second step of resolving to cease from sin. Evangelical/gospel repentance always takes the second step. Repentance signifies a change of mind. It is as if we make a u-turn in our hearts and mindset. We have been going one way, we do a 180 and now go the other way. Implied/understood in this 180 is that we mourn, confess, for our past manner of living.

Following Christ means that we are in, as it were, constant repair. Our lives are lives that we amend daily, hourly, etc. To delay repentance is to pawn our soul to the devil. Satan is a harsh master and not one we should do business with. Many make an outward show of repentance. This is as deceptive as it is false. If you wanted to purify your water you would not paint the faucet, you would get a water purifier. If you want a pure heart, all the externals in the world will not purify, you must be purified, and that means coming to Christ in faith and repentance. I remember one writer, whose name escapes me, who even suggested that we should repent of our repenting. The idea being that we repent far to seldom. Lets change that.

“Repentance and faith are like Siamese twins. If one is sick the other can not be well, for they live but one life.” Charles Spurgeon

“It is an old saying, Repentance is never too late; but it is a true saying, Repentance is never too soon.” Henry Smith

“If God’s to-day be too soon for thy repentance, thy to-morrow may be too late for His acceptance.” William Secker

Soli Deo Gloria,