[CF Devotionals] 2006-04-09 - Psalm 15

Final Part

Finally Ross notes there are ten qualities listed here and is a parallel to the Ten Commandments. 8

And while this may be stretching the point, clearly as we obey Jesus' summary of the Commandments, that is loving God and our neighbors, we will demonstrate each one of these qualities in our lives.

Finally, consider one last point. In the days of the Tanakh, the Old Covenant, the individual Israelite couldn't have direct access to God. Consequently they held God in awe. They feared Him. Remember, at Mt. Sinai, they didn't want to hear Him, but only to have Moses speak for Him? Later in the orthodox church, God was kept by the system - far away from the people. You couldn't approach God directly, but only through the priests, "saints", His mother, etc. And the people held God in awe.

But clearly in the church, through the work of Messiah, the veil of the Temple was rent. We have direct access to God. We don't have to go through some hierarchy to come into His presence. And this is a great blessing and praise to the mercy of God. But somewhere along the line, we lost the awe of God. The fact we have access to His presence at anytime does not mean that we have access in any condition. We need to understand that the God who was held in awe by the Israelite is the same God before whom we come.

In order to enter His presence, we, too, need to deal with our sin. We, too, need to take into account we are coming into the throne room of Yahweh. We need to remember God isn't our buddy - our Father yes, our buddy no!

We are forgiven for our sin, and as we ask forgiveness for our sins, we can have fellowship with the Father. But let us always allow God to be God. Let us remember it is the righteous who have access to the sanctuary, and the walk of the righteous reflects that condition. Let us enter into God's presence with awe and respect, and not take for granted this wonderful blessing we have received, the blessing of being children of God.

8 Ross, Allen P., The Bible Knowledge Commentary, "Psalms," Victor Books, 986, p. 82.

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