[CF Devotionals] 2008-06-07 - Summer Questions

2008 Introduction - Encouragement

Zechariah 2:8, "For thus says the Lord of hosts, 'After glory, He has sent me against the nations which plunder you, for he who touches you, touches the apple of His eye.'"

I hope to encourage you in Christ today. Before I make that attempt, I would like to introduce the Summer Questions for 2008. For a few years now, in the Summer, I have made attempts to answer questions, in this venue, from readers. This year, as in all years, no question or topic is forbidden. You can ask anything. It can be personal, a question on a passage of Scripture, theology - whatever. There are no boundaries. My promise to you is that I will not reveal who you are. If you give me a name, I will change it. If you give me a city or town, I will change it. I want you to feel free to ask anything. Generally a lot of the questions are about relationships, and that is OK.

CFDevotionals is the main forum for these questions, but I also post these on my Myspace and Facebook accounts, and they go out to the church I pastor, Community Bible Church on Long Island. They may come from any source. I probably will not get to all the questions that come in, but I don't want that to stop you from sending them. The shorter the question, the better it fits into this format. The longer and more involved it is, the harder it is to fit into a devotional. These have been popular in the past, and I encourage you that if you have a question, probably someone else is thinking something very similar. Your question may be a help to someone else.

I want to encourage you today to commend the Gospel of Christ by your life. It is hard to do, as the world so easily draws our affections away from Christ, but we are His ambassadors (2 Cor. 5:20). We need to seek to be ornaments unto His truth, in the way that we live. It is a high calling, but a precious one. The follower of Christ is the "apple of His eye," (Zech. 2:8) and should not this lead us to make the things of Christ most dear to us and precious? Surely it should. It is the highest honor to be a servant of the Lord. We don't hear that enough today, but Christian: You have the highest and most honorable of all callings. Abide in Christ, meditate upon His Word, and let your prayers and praises ascend unto God Most High, that He may be glorified in all that you do.

Air is a precious gift of God. We would be lost without it. Just as I would encourage you not to stop breathing God's air, so also, I would encourage you to breathe in deeply the things of Jesus Christ. If someone came to me with the resolution that they were no longer going to breathe God's air, it would be no stretch to call them a fool. We are no wiser, when we do not make it our first priority to breathe into our lives the things of Christ. It is like cutting off our spiritual air. It cannot do us much good. The Lord Jesus Christ is as necessary to our souls as the air is to our body, and today I encourage you to inhale deeply into Christ, and keep yourself there - daily, within the tender, safe haven of His loving care.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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Editor's Note: The questions in this series are stated in the exact form sent by the readers - unedited, unproofed, in order to remain true to the reader's original wording.