[CF Devotionals] 2009-09-15 - False Gods We Worship Today: Celebrities

Psalm 118:9-10 The Message
 Far better to take refuge in God
    than trust in people;
 Far better to take refuge in God
  than trust in celebrities.

Most of us had “crushes” on famous musicians or actors when we were growing up. But we thought we outgrew celebrity worship. But nowadays, celebrity worshippers come in all ages. All you have to do is look at a newspaper, to see the evidence of celebrity worship.

An athlete, who has been convicted of a felony, is paid forty times more than a police officer who risks his/her life every day for us, or a teacher who educates our children.

Millions of people vie for a ticket for the funeral of a deceased musician.

A talk show host pronounces a book good, and millions of people rush out and purchase it, on her word alone.

People believe a political leader can solve all their problems, and unquestioningly follow whatever s/he says, with some even stating outright, that the leader is a “messiah.”

No matter how popular, talented or wise famous people are, they are still just that – people like the rest of us – no more, no less. Any innate gifts we have are from God, and we Christians shouldn’t be in the business of putting our fellow human beings on pedestals. It’s blasphemous, putting them in the place that only God should hold.. It’s also unfair to the people being idolized, for no human being can fully live up to the adulation, and eventually their imperfections will come to light.

Think about it – do you spend as much time praising God as you do (fill in your own blank)? Are you as eager to attend the next church service, as you are to watch a football game, or the season premiere of your favorite television show (Ouch!)?

Even good people and things can be idols, if they usurp the place in our hearts, our minds (as in decisions and trust) and pocketbooks, that God alone should hold. Let’s ask God to help us refocus our worship to the only One who deserves it.


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