[CF Devotionals] 2010-05-09 - A Positive Command

The Ten Commandments, Part 26

Honor Your Father and Mother

This commandment is given not as a negative, that is: “Thou shalt not dishonor your father and your mother.” Some act as if this is what is said, figuring that, “If I don’t give my parents a bad time, then I’m okay.”

Instead, the command is given as a positive, “Honor your father and your mother …” We are commanded to honor our parents, again, not because they deserve it, but because they are our parents - and God commands it. We obey in response to God, not the worthiness or our parents. I know I keep coming back to this point, and most of us have good parents, so this isn’t a problem, but, it is vital we understand all we do is to be God-motivated. We keep the commandments by loving God and others, not out of some kind of misplaced legalism.

This also means we can never be dependent on circumstances, to help our obedience. We are to live in spite of conditions, not because of them. This is only possible by depending on the Holy Spirit, and the realization that our focus must only be on God.

Additionally, here for the first time, we find a promise that is a result of obedience, “… so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

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