[CF Devotionals] 2011-07-18 - What Would King Josiah's Aide Say?

2 Chronicles 35:20-25

But Neco sent messengers to him, saying, "What quarrel is there between you and me, O king of Judah? It is not you I am attacking at this time, but the house with which I am at war. God has told me to hurry; so stop opposing God, who is with me, or he will destroy you." (2 Chronicles 35:21)

If I wasn't there I would never have believed it. King Neco of Egypt sent word to King Josiah that he had no intention of fighting us; he was after Assyria. King Neco of Egypt claimed he had heard from God and urged King Josiah not to interfere or God would destroy him. I didn't profess to know better than the king and it must be difficult to decipher if other kings are telling the truth but couldn't King Josiah consult with God first? I know he has seen the power of God move and could trust His almighty counsel.

Instead the king led the army into battle instead of heeding to King Neco's wishes. King Josiah even disguised himself and went to fight.

His plan unfortunately backfired and King Josiah was fatally shot by an Egyptian archer. The king told us to take him out of the battle. A little too late but we obliged him. I never imagined King Josiah would lose his life the way he did. Josiah's death did not make sense. What made him doubt?

King Josiah's burial had all the royal flair as expected. Judah and Jerusalem mourned him and songs of sorrow were sung on his behalf. His death showed what an impact the king's life had on people. I kept asking myself why; I still do sometimes. Why did King Josiah die now? Why did he fight in an unnecessary battle? Why would King Josiah forget God all of a sudden? Why must I be left with these unanswered questions?

Lord, I don't want to turn out like King Josiah. He had so much promise and yet forgot about You. There are many items vying for my attention but I choose to put You first. Guard my heart against those things that will lead to my downfall. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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