[CF Devotionals] 2012-02-07 - Inexpressible

I have recently read a couple books about the unspeakable horrors that the 10 million + victims of the Nazis went through during World War II – from the French Resistance workers, to the "different" like the Gypsies, to of course the Jewish people of many European countries. Though I have known, for many years, that these innocent people were subjected to degrading and dehumanizing treatment - even torture - my recent readings have brought it home to me, even more.

I think every adult alive needs to understand this, not only to appreciate what these victims had to go through, and not only to appreciate the relative ease of our own lives – but also to remind us of what happens when people become dehumanized in others' eyes, to the point that, for example, their hair and teeth are taken and used for everyday objects for the occupiers (Nazis in this case). And though it's not the same as for the Holocaust victims, I know that even as I write this, and as you read it later, people are being subjected to being human slaves - even in America, where we wish we were immune from such egregious offenses.

I encourage each of you, if you haven't, to read at least one book about what actually went on in the interment camps during World War II. And although "The Diary of Anne Frank"© is a wonderful book, I hope you will rather (or in addition) choose something that actually goes farther, something that was written about what went on behind the walls of these prisons, rather than just leading up to the moment they were taken away to be part of the "Final Solution." How God's heart must have been broken, to see his "Chosen People" treated this way.

I had hoped to express this somehow in a devotional, but I – who have all my life been known as a wordsmith – find myself at a loss of adequate words. Perhaps this is one of those cases wherein the Spirit groans for us and gives us discernment to know what we can do (Spread the word, pray for current victims treated in a dehumanizing way, or perhaps we are being led to give to reputable organizations that help these victims, or to even actively help rescue human trafficking victims and other people who are treated as less than human etc.).

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