[CF Devotionals] 2012-05-14 - Anti-Christs

The Epistles of John ~ Part 33 ~ 1 John 2

  1. Many Anti-Christs (contd.)

    Verse 19: Why does John say that anti-christs come from us? What is it that makes these individuals unique? John calls the false teachers, anti-christs. These individuals who were acting against the teachings of Scripture, the Apostles and most importantly Christ, were men who had been part of the local Christian community. Some speculate that they had been members of the Apostolic churches in Jerusalem. It may be that they had actually withdrawn from the church to which John was writing.

    Often, some of the greatest heretics are individuals who came out of the Christian community. This was true in John's day, and it continues to be true in ours. This confirms the "last hour" has continued since the time of the early church. For since the birth of the church and until Christ does return, the greatest attacks on truth come from those who call represent themselves as Christians. But these individuals are in reality anti-christs. And, we must be willing to recognize them as such. John's concern is that believers always stand firmly for God's truth.

    These individual's false teachings are proof that they never were believers. We have seen this quite clearly, as some well known televangelists have gone from simply bad teaching, such as positive confession, to full-blown heresies - such as "we are all little gods" and that Jesus' descent to hell, not his death on the cross, … redeemed sinners.

To be continued.

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