[CF Devotionals] 2012-10-18 - Light Sources

Psalm 18:28 For You light my lamp; The Lord my God illumines my darkness. (NASB)

Have you ever been in a dark place? Sure. The back yard on a stormy night, maybe even out in the woods walking around at night. Sensible camping gear and a car safety kit should contain something that will generate light. While it is true that after a period of time your eyes will open and pull in whatever bits of light are available and some level of vision will be possible it will be limited. A light, even just candles is a great thing to have around when the power goes out.

Now let's up the stakes. Have you ever been on a cave or caverns tour where they take you all the way to the lowest point on the trip and they turn off all the lights? There is no light at all. I remember holding very still straining to see anything. Even my own hand in front of my face was absolutely wrapped in the darkness. I touched my nose to prove my own hand was really where I thought it was! After a minute or two they raised the lights up slowly. The relief was immediate and the impression will last a lifetime.

There are other dark times. There are times when we find ourselves in difficult situations, or we have disappointed a friend, or we have blown it and stumbled into sin. We are mortal and far far more frail than we want to believe. But within ourselves we hold a treasure not made of stones - gold and diamonds do not compare. If the Lord is our light and we are supposed to reflect His light to the world around us we then have something the world craves. The world offers a poor imitation. We have hope. It is not like the world hopes - wishing that something will come out the way they want it to resolve. This is a sure hope we have to offer - I hope it comes soon because it is coming. I have been redeemed and nothing and no one can take it away.

What seems like a little thing can burn brightly in someone's life when they're down. A phone call or a visit can be an amazing lift to someone who is injured or ill and can't get out. As the light came up slowly in on the cavern tour it was amazing how little light made you squint as it lit up the whole area where we stood. A light in a dark place is a powerful thing that can be a witness of the love and mercy that Christ has show us. That kind of witness can open doors.

Polish your mirror!

Grace & Peace,

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