[CF Devotionals] 2014-02-21 - Puddles and Purity

Purity ~ Part 2

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Sin is bad, and when sex is corrupted by sin in any way that falls short of God’s good and perfect plan, it becomes corrupted. Anything short of what happens between a man and a woman who are married, is not the good he intended. And because it is no longer God’s plan, the corruption has consequences.

There are emotional consequences such as shame, guilt, fear, and confusion. Somewhere inside many of us is a conscience, and we just know that having sex with someone we’re not married to is wrong, and so that brings some sense of shame and guilt. And with that shame comes isolation. What we tried to do to be closer to someone actually drives us further away. Sin is weird that its promise and delivery are so often opposed. There’s also a fear of getting caught. This fear causes an adrenaline rush, and makes behavior addictive and scrambles things up in our minds too easily. It also confuses a relationship. The physical pleasure gets confused with true love. Plus, because of the sense of fear of getting caught, adrenaline gets mixed in, and when fear goes away, the same sex isn’t as thrilling. It’s not as good. It’s boring, and that makes you wonder if you are still “in love”. People who engage in premarital sex are actually at a much higher risk of divorce, for this reason.

There are physical consequences such as unplanned pregnancy, disease, and death. Sexual sin can result in pregnancy. God makes every life, so I won’t say it is accidental or a mistake, but definitely it’s not part of the “plan” for many teenagers. In 2009, the CDC says 400,000 teen girls from 15-19 gave birth. That doesn’t include the staggering number of abortions had by this same age group. It can also lead to people getting diseases.

OH I just remembered, I made some smoothies to give away! I made them just before coming tonight - of fresh bananas, organic strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Other than that, it’s just got filtered water and crushed ice. I love smoothies, and I have told many of you how good my home-made smoothies are so I brought them in and just saw them on the table so I’ve got four to give away so who wants one. So just to make this fun for everyone, let’s see who can drink them the fastest. I had no problems getting four volunteers.

1… 2… Wait, stop. I just remembered that in one of the cups, I coughed up a very large chunk of phlegm. Yes, I spit a big loogy in one of them. It’s just a one in four chance that you’ll get the one I spit into, so do you still want to drink it. I expected everyone to sit this illustration out, but my group was adventurous, it seems, so I picked the one I knew I spit in, and let the rest have them. Had this illustration worked, it would have shown the next point.

If you have sex, you are taking the same gamble as the smoothies: one in four students having sex wind up with an STD before they become an adult. About 19 million new STD infections are reported each year. 9.1 million, or almost half of them, are in the age group of people from 15 to 24. I have a friend who has an STD. That friend cannot share intimacy with any future spouse he/she may have, because it could spread that disease to the other person. Diseases like AIDS lead to death, but too often those unplanned pregnancies lead to death – death of a precious child, death of innocence, and yes spiritual death, too.

All sin has spiritual consequences. The bible is clear that the wages of sin is death. But even as Christians who won’t face hell fire in eternity, we are not to live lives of sin. You can’t be living in sin and be living in God’s presence. You cannot worship God and lustful desires. Only one of them is the god of your life.

Now I’d like to share with you just a couple illustrations to help you think about purity.

[Visual of my youngest son playing in a hole at the beach, a small kiddie pool, and in a mud puddle]

Whether it’s a hole at the beach, a small wading pool, or a mud puddle, let’s face it - puddles are fun. When it’s the right time and place, those puddles are fun. But mud puddles when you have your Sunday clothes on – not such a good idea. In fact in the picture of Justin playing, you will also see Jordan’s arm and leg. Justin was wearing flip-flops and a diaper, but my older son was wearing shorts and a nice t-shirt. Guess which one got in trouble. You see, puddles are good, but only when you have the right clothes on; otherwise, puddles are a sin.

[I laid a bowl of water on the floor as I spoke these next few statements, and got close to it and put my finger almost on it. I was always quick to point out that I hadn’t touched the water, just near it or the outside of the bowl. Then I “tripped,” slapping the bowl as I fell, sending water flying. I scrambled for towels, and in an exasperated voice declared how upset I was that I fell in. I didn’t mean to. What was the A/V team going to think if this mic was ruined? I kept insisting it was an accident, and looking at the mess on my shirt from the water]

And sex is the same way. It is a fun puddle to play in, when it is the right time and place, so God - like a good parent - tells us to stay out of the puddles until we have wedding clothes on. Now we should stay far away. But we don’t. We try to get close to it but still be away from it. Then curiosity kicks in. We touch the water and then back away. That wasn’t too bad, and then we fall in, and we’re soaked and muddy and in trouble. Oops I did it again. How did that happen?

We were told stay out of the puddle, but what we heard is “get as close to it as you want, so long as you don’t take that last step,” and then we accidentally fell in. Sometimes we may even have a boyfriend or girlfriend standing over the water saying, “Come on in! The water’s fine.” Or perhaps they’ll claim, “If you love me, you’d swim with me.” Don’t!

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All scripture references are from the KJV unless otherwise noted.

Author's Note: This devotional is based off a message delivered to youth on February 5, 2014.

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