[CF Devotionals] 2014-12-13 - Christmas Presents

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Now is the time of the Christmas season for completing the purchase of presents for loved ones, friends, and neighbors. We give a lot of thought to what presents we want to give to them.

In the second chapter of Matthew, the Magi present their presents to the infant Jesus. Their gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These valuable presents were presented to the Messiah. If you were shopping for a present for Jesus today, what would you give Him? Jesus doesn't need any physical gifts. What Jesus desires is the devotion of our hearts, souls, and minds. Jesus wants us to commit our whole lives to Him.

Will you give Jesus the gift of yourself this year?

[email richard]  Richard Moser, Jr

All scripture references are from the New International Version (NIV) unless otherwise noted.

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