[CF Devotionals] 2015-04-25 - Prayer

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In Luke 5:12-16, we find the story of a man with leprosy who is healed by Jesus. The news of the miraculous healing spread, and crowds of people came to hear Jesus and to be healed. What did Jesus do? Luke 5:16 says, "But Jesus withdrew to lonely places and prayed."

Jesus prayed.

In the midst of His busy ministry of teaching and preaching, Jesus found time to pray. Today, in the course of our busy lives, we, too, need to make time to pray. We can express our concerns, worries, and even complaints to God. We can approach God at any time of the day or night. God is ready to listen.

Are you ready to talk to Him?

[email richard]  Richard Moser, Jr

All scripture references are from the New International Version (NIV) unless otherwise noted.

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