[CF Devotionals] 2018-05-17 - Disappointment

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Last summer we replaced our faulty roof over a screened porch and now have a beautiful, open deck area surrounded by a hand-built fence making it a nice, cozy gathering area. Not only does the new structure give some added support during storms, but it also makes it a wonderful place to put some outdoor string lights and for evening company. To accommodate hanging the lights in a crisscross pattern, we added an 8-foot post to the center putting it in a whiskey barrel flower pot. We put concrete around the post and after it dried got some topsoil in it, potting soil on the top part, and I added some flowers.The top of the pole in the planter is a resting middle point for the two strings of deck lights. As I watered the flowers yesterday, I noticed something on the leaves of one of the Gerbera daisies. At first, I figured it was pollen as it’s been blanketing any surface out there lately. Then I looked above the daisy and saw a hole bore into the surface about a quarter to a half an inch deep. Immediately, I recalled my son telling me he saw a big woodpecker and very often the Red-bellied is the larger ones you see here. What a disappointment it must have been for him to be working on finding lunch and then be nothing but more wood inside of it. Have you ever set off to do something with one expectation in mind only to end up feeling disappointed?

As followers of Christ we are not immune to disappointment. We instead have a redeemer to turn to for our source of hope in times of disappointment. He overcame the world for us and gives everyone the option of choosing to share it with Him. All the feelings and experiences that try to crush our spirit are instead beaten when we live within that hope. What a glorious gift. What a wonderful Savior. The chorus to Jeremy Camp’s song "Wonderful Maker” captures it for me:

What a wonderful Maker
What a wonderful Savior
How majestic Your whispers
And how humble Your love
With the strength like no other
And the heart of a Father
How majestic Your whispers
What a wonderful God

“The caravans of Tema look for water, the traveling merchants of Sheba look in hope. They are distressed, because they had been confident; they arrive there, only to be disappointed. Now you too have proved to be of no help; you see something dreadful and are afraid.” (Job  6:19-21 NIV)

“Kings will be your foster fathers, and their queens your nursing mothers. They will bow down before you with their faces to the ground; they will lick the dust at your feet. Then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” (Isaiah 49:23 NIV)

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All scripture references from King James Version (KJV) unless otherwise noted

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