[CF Devotionals] 2018-06-03 - The Plague of Political Correctness

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The Plague of Political Correctness


  1. Moses and the Works of God
    1. The Plague of Flies
    2. The Plague on Livestock
    3. The Plague of Boils

Ch. 8:20-32 Ch. 9:1- 7 Ch. 8:8-12

So far, as we have gone through this extended section, we have seen a serpent eating serpents, the Nile turned to blood, a bunch of bloody frogs and a herd of lice, (Gnats, etc.). These are the first three of ten plagues. The Lord is using them to bring glory to Himself and freedom to the Children of Israel. They are intended to serve as a lesson for those who follow God through all ages.

“For I do not want you to be unaware, brothers, that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, and all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank from the spiritual Rock that followed them, and the Rock was Christ. Nevertheless, with most of them God was not pleased, for they were overthrown in the wilderness.

Now these things took place as examples for us, that we might not desire evil as they did. Do not be idolaters as some of them were; as it is written, “The people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play.” We must not indulge in sexual immorality as some of them did, and twenty-three thousand fell in a single day. We must not put Christ to the test, as some of them did and were destroyed by serpents, nor grumble, as some of them did and were destroyed by the Destroyer. Now these things happened to them as an example, but they were written down for our instruction, on whom the end of the ages has come” (1 Corinthians 10:1–11).

Remember, as we go through the plagues, they are grouped in sets of three. Each time Moses gave Pharaoh a warning for the first two. The third was unannounced. The final plague, the death of the firstborn, stood alone.

The one other point I want to remind us of is, while the battle went on, Moses on one side and the King on the other, the real warfare was on a spiritual plain. The true fight is between God and Satan, over the fate of the Nation Israel. This could be seen by the court magicians’ supernatural powers. and the fact the plagues were direct attacks on Egypt’s gods.

Exodus study to be continued.

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