PC-USA 2018-08-07 - Walking Against the Wind

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About fifteen years ago, my husband, our dog Pierre and I were enjoying one of our many (around two dozen) visits to Jekyll Island. Since Pierre didn’t care much for swimming, I would occasionally go on a solo swim while Richard and he were walking. Normally, weather doesn’t catch us off-guard. Richard is an FAA-certified Weather Specialist, who always keeps on top of things. But somehow a rogue storm surprised us, and we later found that the windspeed had 70 mph. Seventy miles per hour may not sound like a lot, if you are thinking in terms of driving, but when you are trying to walk against that, it feels insurmountable! As I was trying to make my way back across the dunes to our condo, I actually despaired of ever making it. I honestly thought that might be my last moment on Earth, and I would never see Richard or Pierre again. It was an exercise in frustration, because I was pushing with every ounce of strength in my body, but not making any progress at all. Eventually, the wind let up and I did make it back “home” to the condo.

Do you ever feel that way, sometimes, in your everyday life? Perhaps you have been praying for a loved one to see their need for a relationship with the Lord, and years later, you cannot discern any progress. Maybe you have a chronic health problem that prevents you from enjoying ordinary activities, and it just never seems to let up. Or maybe it is a societal thing. In recent years, in spite of our law of religious freedom, we have seen that sometimes it isn’t applied equally to us Christians. Some believers are forced, by law, to choose between violating their Biblical beliefs or following a law, or perhaps you have been deemed intolerant because you hold to your faith and your adherence to obeying the word of God.

Sometimes, we Christians feel like we are walking against the wind of culture. Thankfully, bit by bit, we have recently seen some prayers answered in this area, but we still are not there yet, and we have have prayers to pray, patience to express, stands to take for the right. Whatever our situation is, when we feel like we are walking against the wind, we need to pray to God to help us be patient and not give up hope, to guide us to pray for those who hate us and are mocking, hateful and violent toward us because of our beliefs, and to remember that so far in this country, as bad as things can be, we still don’t have it as badly as those in some other places. For example, in Nigeria, hundreds of Christians were recently killed, and tens of thousands uprooted from their homes (the number is mind-boggling), by extremists.

These stories don’t often make the news, but we should be praying for them. Please pray for our African sisters and brothers, for the salvation of those attacking them, as well as for all people persecuted for simply non-violently expressing their faith. I encourage you to join me in putting persecution victims on your daily prayer list, as well as thanks for the blessings that we do enjoy.

[email jan] Janice P. Moser


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