[CF Devotionals] 2019-06-16 - Exodus: God's Providence

Outline ~ Chapter 18:1-27

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"The three white baby bathtubs, adorned with pink and blue net bows, were brimming over with gifts. Each package was beautifully wrapped in pink and blue paper patterned with baby footprints. Along with a high chair, these gifts had just been delivered to the Sacramento Life Center. As I thanked Bill W., who had driven all the way down from Shingle Springs, I mentioned how unusual it was for us to receive a large donation of goods this time of year. We usually get donations like these only around Christmas. Bill told us that his wife, Joan, had spent many weeks collecting the items and wrapping each one with loving care. "We decided that today was the day to bring everything in," said Bill.

45 minutes after Bill drove off, a call came in from a woman named Virginia, who was referred to the Life Center by a social worker at the U.C. Davis Medical Center. Virginia wanted to know if by any chance we had some baby items to donate. I asked her what exactly she was looking for. "Anything," she replied. “I’m expecting triplets!”

“Virginia, you won’t believe this,” I said to her. She was stunned when I told her the rest of the story. She and her sister arrived an hour later and took everything (including a stroller which had been donated to us the week before) home for the triplets—due in March.

She shared with us that her babies are the result of in-vitro fertilization using an experimental technique at U.C. Davis. “The doctors warned me not to get my hopes up,” Virginia recalled. “They told me that my chances of conceiving even one child were extremely rare. Imagine my surprise and joy when they called me on the phone and told me about my triple miracle! I just know that God has something special planned for my babies.”

We couldn’t agree more, and hope this story has brightened your day. It has certainly been a blessing to Virginia and her family, as well as to our supporters, Bill and Joan W. of Shingle Springs, and to the SLC Board of Directors and staff. God continues to work in mysterious and wonderful ways!” 1 

  1. All in the Family
    1. Jethro and the family of Moses
    2. Jethro and the God of Moses
    3. Jethro and the Leadership of Moses

“This is the LORD; we have waited for him; let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.” (Isaiah 25:9 ESV
Vs. 1 - 7 Vs. 8 -12

Exodus study to be continued.

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