[CF Devotionals] 2019-06-25 Persecurtion, Revisited

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I had planned a devotional about multi-tasking, and that will be sent next week. For the Lord has put in front of me some additional info about persecution of our fellow believers in Christ.

June 29-29, 2019 has been proclaimed Religious Freedom Week. Persecution can occur with any faith, and we should pray for the safety of non-believers, as well. The reason for the current emphasis on the persecution of Christians is that it is not as generally well-known, and not as well-publicized nowadays. Some people believe that the age of persecution for Christians was over hundreds of years ago, in the days of Luther and Calvin. Others just dismiss Christian persecution as a hoax, a myth.

Neither are accurate.

  1. In some places such as Africa, Christian believers are regularly KILLED for their faith.
  2. For believers in America, often the worst issue that we face regarding churches, is which is the best one for us to join. But in Somali and Nigeria, African Christian worshippers are sometimes massacred by haters such as Boko Haram, a militant Muslim group. Most recently, Boko Haram have given Christians in one town a warning: Leave town within three days - or be killed.
  3. In China, Christians can be arrested, if they hold church services not approved by the government. And they are punished if they are caught selling Bibles online.
  4. In North Korea, even children are not exempt from the discrimination. If children are caught with Bibles, the Bibles will be destroyed.
  5. Of course, Americans aren’t totally in the clear. Though we normally are not in danger for our lives, we do face other issues in our everyday lives. For example, in spite of the protection of Freedom of Religion in our Constitution, sometimes business owners are sued because they follow their long-held and strong religious beliefs, voluntary groups are not allowed to meet because it “offends” some (Remember, so did Jesus offend people!), formerly welcomed and respected public speakers are now excluded because of their belief in the Bible while other religious believers are allowed to join and speak etc.
  6. And these are only a handful of examples.

During this week and beyond, I ask you to join me in praying for persecuted Christians, no matter where they live. Though I am not a Catholic, I appreciate the Catholic Church’s suggested list of prayers for this week. If you are interested, here are the ideas:

Monday: Faithful Public Servants. I, Jan, would like to add a comment here. As some know, but some do not realize, there is a war on police officers right now in the United States. During the last week alone, six law enforcement officers were killed while on duty. Too many are ambushed, when they are stopping to help someone, when they respond to Domestic Violence cases etc. Just this past week, an officer had JUST been murdered after trying to help a victim of violence, and heartless bystanders actually taunted other officers about the death, saying she deserved to die, yelling hateful and unkind comments, over and over. Fortunately someone got it on video, and it is very telling. I recommend that you watch and listen. If you can’t find the link, I will be glad to send it to you. To risk your life to help someone in trouble, and then be treated that way, it is unconscionable. So I would urge you to please pray that God will open people’s eyes to the facts on this issue, that police are much less likely to use violence against someone else, than to be victims themselves. That is a verified fact.

Tuesday: Persecution of the Rohingya (an ethnic group living in Mynamar, Bangladesh and the US)

Wednesday: Children and workers in the Foster Care and Adoption system

Thursday: Persecution of Christians in Nigeria

Friday: Religion: For people to understand that it is a Public Good

Saturday: Religious Freedom for Incarcerated Persons

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