[Calvary Chapel] 2019-08-03 - Ready to Move

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Yesterday was the official trading deadline for Major League Baseball. Teams that wanted to improve their position for a run at the playoffs needed to complete their transactions by 4:00 pm yesterday. Some players, especially those whose contracts were expiring soon, were aware that the may be traded. But other players were caught totally unaware. They were suddenly moving across the country, to play for another baseball team.

Abram, later renamed Abraham, was caught in a similar situation. Abram had moved to Harran with his wife Sara and his father Terah. They settled in Harran and became prosperous. Things were going well for Abram and Sara. But God had other, unexpected plans for them. Genesis 12:1 says , The LORD had said to Abram, "“Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” (NIV)

Abram ‘s world was shaken up. God was sending him to another place. He was probably caught unawares. How would he react to such news? Abram listened to God’ instructions and obeyed, moving to an unknown land with his family. Abram accepted his change of circumstances, went on to prosper and to become the father of the Hebrews.

What is God calling you to do today? Are you listening to His call? Are you willing to obey his instructions, even if it entails a move of some sort (job, church, home)? Will you accept a change of circumstances?

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