[CF Devotionals] 2020-09-22 - One th Run

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Biblical Reference: 1 Samuel 18:5-29

Of course, Saul was very angry. “What’s this?” he said to himself. “They credit David with ten thousands and me with only thousands. Next they’ll be making him their king!” So from that time on, King Saul kept a jealous watch on David. (1 Samuel 18:8-9 TLB)As a young man, David was anointed to someday become king. He fought and defeated a giant no one else dared face. Then David became King Saul's son-in-law and loyal employee. He moved up the ranks from royal musician to Saul’s commander, experiencing military victory after victory. Envious of David’s military genius and experiencing insecurity as a leader, King Saul tried to kill David. Irrational Saul was jealous. King Saul let his negative emotions get the best of him. Saul’s motive for hunting down David was personal.When someone is trying to kill you, adrenaline kicks in and you run away, you escape to spare your life. David did not have a defeated mentality. He didn't surrender and let Saul get his way. David fought for his life, to save it. David spent several years on the run, avoiding Saul. He hid in different terrains and two caves. When people go on vacation, a cave is not a top destination spot. David had no choice.Some of us may be living in a cave and not realize it. I do not expect you to be living in an actual, natural cave made of stone. Our caves can act as a safe refuge or a prison, any means of escape. Caves can represent a place, a sense, a memory, or emotion that keeps us stranded or stalled from moving forward. We often go to fattening foods, social media, shopping, work, or people as our means of escape.

Unfortunately, some of us stay in our caves longer than necessary. Others may be stuck, an innocent party as David was. The answer to mentally breaking a cave is Jesus. It may sound simple, but isn't always easy to rely on Jesus' control and insight. Trusting in Jesus is the only way to experience true freedom. "Jesus is our way, truth, and life." (John 14:6, NIV)We can't just wait for the discomfort to go away. When we rely on Jesus, we have someone who can solve the problem, to work alongside us. We have to take the first step and not let fear keep us living in a cave. David didn't remain in a cave. Caves were a temporary refuge en route to his destiny.

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