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After a few years of incrementally worsening neck pain, I recently had surgery. The repair consisted of replacing a damaged disc to relieve the impingement of a nerve sending throbbing pain to my shoulder, neck, and ultimately increasing my migraine cycles. Since the procedure there have been better days and challenging days, yet mostly, I have had the sense there will soon be one less reason interrupting my sleep-which in turn has contributed to my feeling less like myself. In the meantime, I am taking small steps toward daily living while keeping in mind the importance of not overdoing it. I have also found creative tactics to achieve the goal without interfering with the mending process. For example, my wooden back scratcher, while coming in handy for its intended purposes, now serves as a tool to pick up things I have dropped or that are out of reach due to restrictions on reaching and leaning over. So a rather ordinary object can help me follow doctor’s orders, as well as help me achieve the best results in my recovery plan.

Many years ago, I realized I needed spiritual healing, which I also liken to a type of recovery. A dear friend gently shared her faith in the one she believed could heal not only the body, but the soul. My believing in this was presented as a choice I was free to make, and I could see how her doing so impacted her life - giving me an example of how hope could be walked out in everyday living. There is also much in life connected to faith that involves believing in things that are unseen - very often requiring waiting. And let’s face it, waiting is hard, and it is highly unpopular. If you don’t believe me, just look around you. Pay attention, the next time you watch the news, TV shows, or are witnessing interactions with others, and see if anything in those things exhibits results of not waiting. So much is focused on immediate gratification as opposed to what we ought to do or what benefits can come from waiting - for anything. I discovered more about the difficulty of waiting as my neck has been healing, and what happens when you do not do a good job. If you have ever overdone it when you started to feel better - for any reason - you may have also experienced the discomfort that follows. One of the hardest parts for me has been a limited use of my singing voice. It is apparently something I use much more than I consciously realized until now. But since I had a breathing tube in during the procedure, along with the doctor maneuvering around some other working parts in my neck, my body became a wee bit annoyed. Some residual swelling and irritation are slowly easing up, but it is taking longer than my impatient mind seems to appreciate. I must, however, remain patient and trust the healing process so I do not overwork my vocal cords before they are ready. Similarly, I must trust my soul to be healed, with God’s provision over it and His forgiveness through my repentance. He gives me the promise of remaining eternally part of His family after choosing Him to be my place of faith - my physical and spiritual refuge. I cannot imagine a better recovery plan.

"Do not fear* those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear* him who can destroy body in soul in hell.” (Matthew 10:28 NRSV)

*Fear in the Strongs Concordance-Greek; 5399- (phobeo): to revere.

“ The Lord of hosts is one you ought to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear**, he is the one you are to dread, and he will be a sanctuary**(Isaiah 8:13-14a NIV)

** Fear in the Strongs Concordance- Hebrew 4172- (morah-from 3372 yara; prime root) To fear/revere and a fearful thing or dread that ought to be fear(ed).

** Dread in the Strongs Concordance- Hebrew; 6206- (Arats, prime root): to Awe.`

Snag (By: Deborah Durrett)

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