[Papercut Press] 2000-02-08 - Solus Christus

The Sola Series, Part 1

Acts 4:12, "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved."

Yesterday I began a long series on the prophecies that Christ has fulfilled from the Old Testament. Today I would like to begin a short, five-week series on Latin slogans of the Christian faith. If you have ever made it to the end of one of my devotionals you may have noticed that I sign off "Soli Deo Gloria." This means, "Only the Glory of God." It is one of the five, and it will be the last one I write on.

The other four are, Solus Christus (Only Christ), Sola Fide (Only Faith), Sola Gratia (Only Grace), and Sola Scriptura (Only Scripture). Seems like a bunch of only(s). These were phrases that every Christian used to know and take comfort in. These were slogans that motivated Christians to serve Christ faithfully, and encouraged them to press on in the Christian life. Sadly, today few Christians have ever heard the phrases. And it is because of this that I would like to do this five-week series.

We begin with Solus Christus. It means "Only Christ," or "Christ alone." The phrase has direct reference to salvation. Solus Christus means that only Jesus Christ brings salvation and there is no other way to come to salvation except through Him.

Many ways to peace with God have been suggested through the ages. The above verse we started with says it clearly, "there is salvation in none else." Solus Christus means that only Christ saves. The saints don't save; good works don't save. The Bible says that Christ saves.

And this is the stepping-stone of the Christian faith. Christ saves! There is no salvation outside of the atonement of Christ. We need to hear this, Solus Christus. Christ saves, and we are prone to put our hope in things other than Christ. Only Christ should ring a bell in our heads. Only Christ, Only Christ!

I feel like a bull in a china shop. We are dealing with precious things here. Salvation. Awesome. If you have ever read any of my devotionals, I hope they have a common theme, "rest in Christ, rest in Christ." I plead with you to rest in Christ today. As Scripture says, "Today Is the day of salvation." And while today might be the day of rededication for you it may also be the day of salvation. Sola Christus! Rest in Chist.

Soli Deo Gloria,