2000-03-07 - Latin Phrases of the Christian Faith

The Sola Series, Part 5

1 Chronicles 16:24 Declare his glory, among the nations, he marvelous deeds among all peoples.

The last phrase we will cover is the one that I always sign off with, Soli Deo Gloria. It means, "only the glory of God." It is this phrase that is the out flow of all the other phrases we have been covering. It is through salvation, which is found in Christ (Solus Christus), apprehended by faith (Sola Fide), and given only through the grace of God (Sola Gratia), that we can begin to live for God's glory (Soli Deo Gloria). We learn about these things in Scripture (Sola Scriptura).

The Christian in all his actions, thoughts, hopes, dreams, and desires, in all the demeanors of life, should aim at the glory of God. We are predisposed and apt to seek our own glory. But we ought to be men and women who seek God's glory. God is the one worthy of glory.

Psalm 10:4 says that, "In his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God." It is the mark of the wicked that they do not think about God. Their thoughts are focused on themselves. They are consumed, not with God's glory, but with their own glory. But the Christian is to direct, fixate, and elevate his thoughts. We must remember for whom we are living, working and for what ends. It is not for ourselves, but for God that we live and work. It is God's glory that we are to seek.

We must often remind ourselves that, in Christ, we are new creatures, the old has gone, the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:17) We might ask ourselves, "why was I created?," or "Why am I still here on this earth?" One of the reasons why we are here is to promote God's kingdom and to advance His interest in this world. We do this by making God's glory the chief influence and end of our lives.

King Edward III not only had great victories, but knew the battle belongs to the Lord. (1 Samuel 17:47) When he once had a victory over the French King in a battle, he refused take any of the glory for the victory. Rather he gave all the credit to God and had the army sing, "Not unto us, Lord, not unto us, Lord, but unto Thy name be the glory given."

This sort of mindset is one that we don't encounter all that often in our culture. People are looking for personal glory under every rock and will stop at nothing to leave a lasting legacy on this earth. But not so the Christian. The Christian has a higher legacy than a dying earth. The Christian has a living Lord whose glory is so great it is unimaginable. Let us seek God's glory and not our own. Let us never think so well of ourselves that we forget the one from whom all goodness flows.

Soli Deo Gloria,