[Papercut Press] 2001-03-14 - Christians Don't Care About My Soul

Ezekiel 18:4 "Behold, all souls are Mine; the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son are Mine. The soul who sins will die."

I have taken this story from a journal I have been reading, which was published in 1858. I thought it contained a valuable lesson and I hope you find this to be the case also:

The above title were the words that a young man spoke regarding his salvation. He continued, "I see them careless in the house of God, engrossed with the honors and pleasures of the world during the week, and I mingle often with those who profess to love me, and they never say a word to me about my soul." A few days after saying this to a friend, the young man sent for the pastor of a local church to come and visit him. The young man was in agony, close to death, and the pastor wished to pray with him. But the young man said, "Your prayers can do me no good: it is too late."

He continued, "You remember preaching, some six months ago, from the words, 'Choose you this day whom you will serve.' You spoke of the value of the immortal soul, the uncertainty of life, and urged an immediate decision. My judgment was convinced, my heart was touched, and I resolved that, let others do as they might, as for me, I would serve God. However, everything changed when you ended the sermon."

"J. W., a member of your church, was by my side. Fearing that he might leave the house before I had an opportunity of speaking with him, I turned towards him to beseech him to pray for me, and to ask him to come to my room, after dinner, to pray for me, and to read the Bible, and instruct me in the way of salvation. But he was laughing, amusing himself in criticizing the coat of an old man near us; and before I could recover from my surprise sufficiently to speak, he made some funny remark on the subject, in which I joined him."

"All my serious impressions fled in an instant, and have never returned. I knew my danger, but I could not feel it. I saw my guilt, but my heart was hard. And now my prison house is hell for ever and ever, with devils for my companions. Would to God I had never seen J. W.! Tell him all this, and that I charge him with the loss of my precious soul. Had he been consistent I might have been rejoicing in Jesus, and prepared for endless blessedness at God's right hand." After these words, he died and entered the presence of his Maker.

Now, there were probably many more issues going on in this man's life. And his theology is off because, if his soul was lost, it is not J. W.'s fault. However, this story reminded me of the importance of guarding the tongue, reaching out to others, and being careful about our actions. We do have a part in salvation because God has, in His wise plan, chosen to use us to share the good news of the Gospel with others. How we carry ourselves and how we interact with others does have an influence on how usable we are for service in God's kingdom. Let us strive to make ourselves more and more useful for service to the great living God.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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