[Calvary Chapel] 2001-03-31 - Messiah: His Final Call to Israel

Messiah: His Final Call to Israel Series, Part 25

Zechariah, one of the three post-exilic prophets, with his older contemporary, Haggai, stirred the discouraged and disheartened people to new hope. When the captives returned to the land of their fathers under the leadership of Zerubbabel, they began to lay the foundation for the Temple of God. The enemies of the Jews in the land caused the work to cease. For fifteen years the returned exiles made no attempt to rebuild the Temple. At this time, however, God raised up Haggai, an old prophet, and Zechariah, a young man, whose prophesying and preaching fired the discouraged people with a holy zeal for God and for divine services. Notwithstanding the persistent opposition of the enemy, the work of rebuilding the Temple continued, and after six years was completed.

The Book of Zechariah, with its visions and prophecies, has been pronounced one of the most vital books of prophecy. Someone has spoken of the messages of Zechariah as the cream of prophecy which he skimmed from the writings of the pre-exilic prophets. The young prophet, guided by the Spirit of God, touched upon the major themes of prophetic utterance. The last prophecy of the Book of Zechariah (Chapters 12-14) towers above all the prophecies of the Book.

Throughout these two chapters we see prophecies regarding the War of the Great Day of God Almighty (12:1-6), divine assistance given to the remnant of Israel (12:7-9), penitent Israel mourning because of his sin (12:10-14), the Fountain for Sin and Uncleanness (13:1), Israel purged of idolatry and evil spirits (13:2-6), the cross of Jesus "towering over the wrecks of time" (13:7-9), the return of Jesus the Messiah (14:1-8) and the worldwide reign of King Messiah (14:9-21).

These prophecies are just as literal as those pertaining to Jesus' first coming - Virgin Birth, death on a cross, and resurrection. We would never even consider to allegorize, spiritualize or confuse those prophecies away. I have every belief that the prophecies we will be looking at in chapters 12-14 are to be read and understood the same way we literally understand "God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Prophecy does not have to be confusing at all. In fact if you read the Final Call Series, you will see very clearly what God's plans and purposes regarding Israel are, and how you and I can cooperate with Him as He brings about those plans. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the prophecies mentioned in Zechariah, Chapters 12-14. We continue to develop our theme regarding real peace and its development in the land of Israel from the Biblical perspective. Next week, we will take a closer look at what Zechariah has to say. Keep looking up and keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Thanks.

In His Service,
Rick & Sandy

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