[Calvary Chapel] 2001-04-14 - Messiah: His Final Call to Israel

Messiah: His Final Call to Israel Series, Part 27

Last week, we examined real peace coming to Israel in the midst of her trials. By the terrific judgments of the Tribulation, the remnant of Israel will be brought to their knees -- in a manner and to an extent as has never been experienced by any people. Dr. Abba Silver states, in "Messianic Speculations in Israel," that in every major crisis through which Israel as a nation, or a portion of it, has been forced to pass, the people have sought comfort and consolation in the Messianic hope, as set forth in the writings of Moses and the Prophets. The Apostle Paul states a truth when he says in Romans 10:17 that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. We may therefore be certain that in the final crisis, the Tribulation, they will again seek hope of deliverance in the Messianic prophecies. Undoubtedly, they will be in dead earnest, searching what God has actually revealed. Many many events that will yet come to pass in the prophecies written for Israel will happen before them and the Bible will be an astounding book to those who live during the time the Great Tribulation breaks forth on the Earth. We may be certain that in their quest for knowledge and facts, they will study diligently, every Messianic passage in the Scriptures. Naturally, they will study the prophecy found in Zechariah 12:10, which, figuratively speaking, will prove to be a highly-polished mirror into which the people of Israel will look and see themselves as God sees them. Doubtless, at first questions will arise in the minds of one here and another there as to whether or not Zechariah saw them in their predicament and thus spoke. The first impression, of identifying themselves as those seen by the Prophet, will rapidly deepen into a positive conviction and spread over the entire nation. As the light breaks in upon those truth seekers, suddenly God will pour out His Holy Spirit upon the nation. The Spirit will dispel all doubts and will burn into the very souls of the people a profound and unshakable conviction that in crucifying Jesus of Nazareth nineteen-hundred + years ago, the leaders of Israel executed the Messiah for whom the nation had been longing.

Zechariah 12:10-13:1 And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplication. And they shall look unto me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his first-born. In that day, shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon. And the land shall mourn, every family apart -- the family of the house of David apart, and their wives apart; the family of the house of Nathan apart, and their wives apart; the family of the house of Levi apart, and their wives apart; the family of the Shimeites apart, and their wives apart; all the families that remain, every family apart, and their wives apart. In that day, there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for sin and for uncleanness.

You may ask what has this to do with challenging and encouraging me this day? Well, the challenge is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, because when we do this, we are praying for the peace of the entire world. And when there is peace in Israel, then there will be peace in the entire world. The Bible describes in detail these events.

In His Service,
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