[PC-USA] 2001-04-20 - Backyard Theology

1 Timothy 6:17c (NASB) {God} richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.

I'm an avid birdwatcher. I have gone on vacations that centered around seeing some of God's most magnificent creatures. It was a thrill to see one of only 100 Whooping Cranes remaining in the United States. And my spirit soars every time I see a beautiful endangered Wood Stork flying overhead. But the other day, I saw an equally lovely jewel - an Indigo Bunting - and I only had to walk a few feet. It was on my own patio, in my own backyard. How often do we fail to appreciate the blessings that are in our own backyards, neighborhoods, families, churches, or schools? Have you ever fallen prey to thoughts like "I wish my kids were better-behaved, like so-and-so's." "I wish I were as thin as (fill in the blank)." "I wish I had the wardrobe of -------." "If only I had a bigger house like the ------- family." Etc.

I have heard it said that greed is idolatry and shows dissatisfaction with God's gifts for us. And from a practical viewpoint, there will always be someone's kids who have higher G.P.A's, people who are thinner (I can attest to that one, myself!), someone with a more fashionable wardrobe, a more devoted husband, a larger house, a newer car.

I challenge you to look around you and see what you can find to be thankful for in your own worlds. Maybe your child is not a prodigy, but perhaps she has spunk that God will use to really make a difference. Einstein was called a no-good student by his professors, yet today every Astronomy student studies his theories. Maybe your house doesn't look like a House and Garden layout, but if you make people feel at home when they visit, it's a God-pleasing house. Take a look around your everyday world find the Indigo Buntings, and express appreciation for them.


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