[Papercut Press] 2002-02-20 - Mortal Wounds

Part 2

Genesis 35:20 And Jacob set up a pillar over her grave; that is the pillar of Rachel's grave to this day.

You might think I am obsessed with death. I'm not, but the reality of sin's mortal wound to us all is something I, and you, carry on our every breath. I'm not the obsessive type. In fact, I seem to find myself content much of the time. Contentment is a good thing, but contentment can also be a substituted word for complacency. Complacency is not a good thing. As followers of Christ we are to be ever growing, always striving, always seeking more. When we become complacent, our faith becomes like a pool of water that will, in a few days, become putrid if it is not stirred.

Silly me, I was looking for today to be a light day and was going to give some more gravestone epitaphs from country churchyards, from a book I have been reading (from the Religious Tract Society, 1820, title and author uknown). These can be both enjoyable, but also instructive to us. These people, who are long dead, still speak to us from the grave. Here are some more: (I have only give five, but if you can make it down to the last one, it is particularly precious.)

"'Tis guilt which gives to death its sting, with woes that never cease.  
A living faith in Christ can bring to pardon'd sinners peace."

"Who can behold where kindred ashes lie
The prey of sin, without a passing sigh?
But vain the sigh, unless the soul ascend,
And comfort seek in Christ, the sinner's friend"

'Let us eat and drink to-day, To-morrow we shall die;'
So the careless millions say, and God Himself defy.
They forget that His control extends beyond the tomb,
and that will wrap the soul in everlasting gloom."

From the tomb of a pious cottager:
"Of life's hard toil I took my share, and mean was my abode;
But mercy sweeten'd every care, and bless'd me in my God."

To a wife or husband from the beloved one left behind:
"With thee, dear partner of my joy and care,
'Twas thine, below, life's checquer'd scenes to share;
May mercy in far other scenes above,
Transform our earthly into heavenly love!"

Soli Deo Gloria,

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