[Christian Fellowship] 2003-06-11 - Accept God's Provision

Nine Steps to Financial Freedom, Part 4

As we continuing the Nine Steps to Financial Freedom, we are answering the questions: How can we achieve financial freedom? What must we do according to God's plan?

Remember that In Step 1, we learned that the first thing that we must do is as Christians, is to Transfer Ownership of every possession to God.

In Step 2, we learned that we must Become Debt-Free.
In Step 3, we learned that we must Establish the Tithe.

Step 4: Accept God's Provision

To obtain financial peace, we need to recognize and accept that God's provision is used to direct each of our lives. We Christians often lose sight of the fact that God's will can be accomplished through a withholding of funds; we think that He can direct us only by an abundance of money. But God does not choose for everyone to live in great abundance. As stated before, this does not imply poverty, but it may mean that God wants us to be more responsive to His day-by-day control.

Each Christian must learn to live on what God provides, and not come under the pressure brought on by driving desires for wealth and material things. This necessitates planning lifestyles around the provision that God has supplied. It can be done.

As you have established the tithe, and you are paying off your creditors, you adjust your lifestyle to fit within the provisions left afterward. Example: If you are paying $30.00 a month for Cable TV, but because you are paying your creditors, you don't have enough provision to pay the $30.00 for Cable TV, then it is wise to cancel your Cable TV service and watch TV on your local broadcast channels only.

Let's say that you have a DSL/Cable service for Internet for $40.00 a month. It is wise to drop the DSL/Cable service and just use a standard dial-up connection to the Internet, to save money. You must accept and be thankful for the provision that God has given you, and live within that provision.

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