[CF Devotionals] 2003-08-10 - Quit Looking Out For Number One

Study in Philippians, Part 9

  1. The Submissive Mind

    There is a dangerous trend occurring today. It comes dressed as a lamb, but in reality, it is a ravening wolf. This is the pro-animal movement. Now concern for the unnecessary use of animals for testing of products, concern that there is no unnecessary pain given to them etc. is reasonable. Certainly, we shouldn’t contribute to the extinction of species of animals.

    Much of what groups like Greenpeace and World Wildlife Federation do aids in the protection of animals and the education of people regarding their needs. And as Christians, we must be concerned with the abuse of God’s creation.

    But, the down side is that most of these groups are not based on a Biblical view of creation, and therefore an accurate view of this world. This becomes most obvious when we hear extreme groups who say that all animal life must be protected, who discuss animal rights. Not only would they eliminate all testing, even that which is necessary for the saving of human life, but they would eliminate all use of animals for food, clothes and even the use of animals in zoos, circuses, etc.. "Humans must stop exploiting the animals." And any use of animals by people is, by definition, exploitative.

    At one time, in San Francisco, there was action to enforce calling pet owners, "animal guardians." I did read in one letter to the editor that no one owns cats; cats have staff. The problem here, though, is that the underlying view of this kind of nutty thinking is, animals are equal, even higher, that is, more important than people. If we must give up our life, our jobs, our society to protect a few fish, or a handful of owls, then that’s appropriate. The animal rights extremists don’t care if they undermine the economy and society at best. And at worst, some actually believe the best thing for "mother" earth would be the elimination of the human race, or at least the bulk of it.

    If you investigate how these groups use their funds, you’ll often see they send funds to Planned Parenthood. We often find these people working hand-in-hand with the pro-abortion groups to eliminate people. This is why we need to be careful in which ecologically concerned groups we support, and there are some Christian "green" organizations.

    Essentially these people would agree that this would be a wonderful place except for the people. And in one sense, they’re right. People are a problem. But the problem isn’t the existence of people; it is the selfishness of people. The problem is a world that says, "we must look out for number one." And as we live this way ourselves, as well as living among people who function this way, it is no wonder people can steal our joy. And what is the answer to this? Why, quit looking out for number one.

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