2003-08-20 - Do You See the Light?

Recently I went into the dollar store to try to find a small gift for a friend who was having his Eagle Scout ceremony. I was trying to find some sort of joke gift that would sum up our friendship. I never found one that would do just that, but I did notice a large variety of lighthouses. There were about 20 little lighthouse models, and I looked at each one for quite a while.

It got me thinking how wonderful it is to have a lighthouse in my life that never goes out. That lighthouse is obviously Jesus. Anytime I get lost, all I have to do, is look around and find that light. I know that it will lead me to safety and guide me home; all I have to do is follow it. I find that in our lives, we sometimes get pulled astray from our focus by other things. Material things in our lives that give us momentary pleasure, sometimes even lasting pleasure. However, none of these things can provide the eternal pleasure that we can find in Jesus. Like the sailors saying, "We need to learn to set our course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship."

It is so easy for us to lose focus on God - we have so many things in this world that draw us away from Him. I wish I had some sort of tunnel vision that would only allow me to see God's light, so I wouldn't get distracted by the others. I remember when I went to the Bahamas to go sailing, we visited a lighthouse on the great island of Abaco. At night, you could see the spinning ligth for miles. Even in the worst rain, that light shonethrough and told where safety could be found.

I think one of the reasons we focus on other things than God, is because we are curious. We want to know what is around us; we don't like walking down a road and not knowing what is on the side of it. Is  it a chicken, or a road sign? Whatever it is, we like to look at them because we are curious. We know that the only thing that we need in order to have happiness, is that destination at the end of the road, Jesus, the Kingdom of Heaven. So why can't we keep our eyes on the prize?

Why do we have to look around at the scenery? We know what we will see if we look off to the side, yet we still look. Why? I really don't know, maybe because we like what we see. Maybe because we get bored with focusing on God, or maybe we can't see God, so instead of staring at nothing, we look to our world. Could any of those be possible? When you go on a long trip, do you simply stare at the passing white, dashed lines in the center of the road the entire trip, or do you look around? Do you look at the trees, and the sky, and the other cars?

I know it may seem strange, and boy howdy do I know that it is hard. However, I believe God is asking us to focus on Him only. That means staring striaght forward, and not ever glancing to the side.

"If the chase is going to last a lifetime, make sure your chasing the right thing."


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