[PC USA] 2004-06-11 - Bluebird Moments

Ecclesiastes 9:7 (The Message) Seize life! Eat bread with gusto; drink wine with a robust heart. Oh yes--God takes pleasure in your pleasure!

In an episode of one of my all-time favorite television shows, "The Odd Couple," a monk tells "Felix" and "Oscar" why he gave up a time-consuming corporate advertising job. One day he glanced out his office window and saw a lovely Bluebird in a tree. He had "urgent" matters to attend to. When he finished, he eagerly raced to the window to enjoy the bird, but by then, the bluebird had flown.

How many times each week do we miss "Bluebird Moments?" Your child has something he's eagerly waiting to share, but you "have to" finish what you are working on this moment.

A friend is sharing a personal situation, but you are giving only half your attention, as you are in a hurry to complete a task at hand.

Your dog is enjoying a special moment in his backyard, but you put off joining him till you finish this week's Sunday School lesson, when it can easily wait for five minutes.

God gives us these Bluebird Moments, and we need to cherish them as the blessings they are. Sometimes we consider these interruptions, but God considers them ministry opportunities. In fact, they can be our most important ministry - touching someone's life. Sometimes they are simply precious moments of joy given to us in the form of a family member, friend, pet, beautiful vista or wild creature (a butterfly, a bird, a squirrel at play) . Have you missed any Bluebird Moments this week? I have found that since I have stopped to enjoy these, my life has become even more joyful. I would love to hear about any Bluebird moments you enjoy!

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