[A Sign From God] 2006-02-06 - Truth and Consequences

Part 3

Eliphaz, his friend, even backs it up with a "vision" he received one night. Remembering it again, as if he were still in that dream, he hears that voice that spoke out to him:

V 17

  • How can mere mortals be more righteous than God?
  • How can humans be more purer than their Creator?

The theological aspect flows well with the Word of God. These things are indeed true. My point is that Satan knows the Word very well, and he will prey on your weaknesses…and strengths. He loves to use the Word, which is correct, but he uses it out of context incorrectly used. Be sure that when you pray and seek advice or counsel from others, that no matter how theological it may sound, it doesn't mean that is what God's will for you is. In order to find that out, you must listen for His answer.

Satan took advantage of Eliphaz in a weak moment with a "dream". Basically, he put a thought in his head that changed his perspective or focus. His original intent was to comfort his friend. But he couldn't get this dream out of his head and kept hearing the words repeated, and naturally deduced that it was indeed correct and theologically sound. However, he was wrong (see also 42:7-9), for Job 1 tells us that God said that Job was blameless and upright; a man who feared God and shunned evil. He was well-respected and honored by men, throughout his town. But Job was the model example of man, not by man's standards, but by God's.

So far, all anyone really knew for a fact was the things that had come to pass - Job's loss of income, children, and servants - as well as Job's sickness. In response to Job's situation, Max Lucado states in the Inspirational Study Bible how "overpowering it is to think of all the knowledge of God. [His] friends failed to understand his situation, and wrongly accused him" of sinning.

Therefore, Max gives us all a warning. We must be careful and watchful of the devil's wiles. We must "be careful in [our] assumptions. Don't judge too quickly, because only God knows all the details of every situation."

OK, so basically, what am I saying:

  • Understand that when a difficult situation happens, and you need to make a difficult decision…the best thing to do is to wait.
  • Listen to your friend's and family's advice and counsel, but don't just take it at its word. Take it to God.
  • Look for God's will in the Bible; see if it matches up or not.
  • Remember, you will feel the peace of God surround you when your final decision is God's will, whether you understand it or not.
  • Continue to pray and seek for answers when you do not feel the peace. God may take you through a process, in order to show you what it is He wants for you to do.
  • Take everything to God. Yes, even scripture. Because Satan can and will use this to divert you from your true path.
  • Trust God…no matter what. He will make all things good, to those that love Him.

Father, help us to see Your will in everything we do, in all of our decisions. Let not the arrows and darts of the enemies touch us, but open our minds, eyes, hearts, and spirits to Your will. Bind Your Holy Spirit in my heart and thoughts, and cast out every demonic power that wishes to destroy your plans that you have for me. Protect me and help me to know Your will and to have the courage to do it, even when it goes against the grain. In Jesus name, AMEN.

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ref: all verses to Nelson's NKJV Study Bible, unless marked with an asterisk*
ref: all * The Message by Eugene Petersonc