[CF Devotionals] 2009-03-24 - Strength = Weakness

Among my family and friends, my lack of a sense of direction is legendary. I’m known as “the honors graduate who couldn’t find her way out of a cardboard box.” I’m continually getting lost, and calling family members and friends, to turn me around. When my father was in the hospital for cardiac valve replacement, I lost my way eleven times, in the hospital alone! Sometimes it’s frustrating, when I arrive somewhere late because I “got turned around.” But sometimes, it’s led to serendipitous events, and sometimes it has changed my life. For example, if I had a good sense of direction, I would not have met my beloved husband! I ended up at the wrong building, for a job interview, was hired on the spot, and met my husband there! A more recent example: I made a wrong turn when I was driving in the mountains, and it took us longer to get where we were going. But we saw lovely scenery that we’d have otherwise missed. My weakness had become a strength. And that’s right from the Bible. As the Apostle Paul said when quoting God:

2 Corinthians 12:9 b (NIV) My power is made perfect in weakness.

What do you think of as your weaknesses? Shyness? But doesn’t it make you sensitive to others who are timid? Sloppiness? But doesn’t that mean you are laidback and easygoing? I encourage you to think about your weaknesses, and ask God to use them as His strengths.


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