[CF Devotionals] 2009-06-10 - Plow Your Little Corner

Haggai 1:5, “Now therefore, thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Consider your ways!’”

There is a lot of history behind this passage and the need for the Lord to say this to the people through Haggai. The rebuilding of the Temple had begun years before, but then ground to a halt. So for about 16 years, the post-exilic Israelites had looked after their own interests, and had not looked after the house of God. And while we do not worship in the same manner that the Israelites did, there are some lessons we can draw from this passage, and from the wisdom given in the book of Haggai in general. The people are rebuked in Haggai for paying more attention to their own interests than to the interests of God’s glory in the Earth. Surely the lesson here for us is obvious. In their case, they could not be moved to stir themselves to care for the House of God. What is it with us? Would we rather watch TV, than to pray or read the Bible? What are those things in our lives that choke out a true, meaningful fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ? Does our conduct really exemplify the nature of those who serve Christ, who have been redeemed by His precious blood, saved from the wrath of God, made new creatures in Christ? Our case may not be that dissimilar than that of those in the days of Haggai.

The people who were concerned with erecting a Temple in the days of Haggai knew that it would not come close to the Temple that the Israelites had in Solomon’s day. There never was a building like Solomon’s Temple, and so the comparison, to them, was humiliating. Thus they did not labor diligently to build the House of God. Let us consider this for just a brief moment. Their circumstances were different than those of Solomon. They could not do as much, but they could glorify God in doing what they could, but they didn’t. It is often the same with us. Maybe we can’t do as much as so-and-so, but we can do what we can. We can do for the Lord those things He enables us to do - and do them faithfully. It is folly to do nothing because we think that we can’t do much. Haggai speaks to us today. We might think we are doing little in comparison with others, and thus we give up. My friend, it is the Lord that gives the blessing. We cannot allow the supposed littleness of what we think we can do, to thwart what we can do. God gives the increase.

Also, let us be encouraged to strive in doing what we can do. We have the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and even those of us who feel we are the densest and most useless members of Christ’s church can, in fact, be used. All things are possible with God. He calls us to be faithful to what we can do unto His glory. Would you like to grow in kingdom work? If so, then plow your little corner of the field. Expect the unexpected to come up. Pray that the Lord will bless your humble strivings, and if He is pleased to, when He is pleased to, the results will not be undersized. It is good for us to consider our ways. It may be that we forget that God’s workings are not like our workings. He takes little things and makes great use of them, when He is pleased to bless. It is not our grand plans - it is not our exalted ideas, it is not our non-stop efforts, it is not our perfected talents, that give the blessing. It is the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit is like the wind. He blesses where He will. We seek to be faithful, and we pray for the blessing.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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