[CF Devotionals] 2009-11-09 - Insights from Ahab and Jezebel

Love and Marriage: Bible Style

This is the last couple we will be discussing in the Love and Marriage: Bible Style series. I pray that it has been helpful learning what these Biblical couples did and didn't do in their marriage relationships.

1 Kings 21:2-29

The story of Naboth's vineyard tells a lot about the king's and queen's marriage. King Ahab wanted the nearby vineyard as a garden. He was willing to pay Naboth what it is was worth, or give him a better vineyard. Naboth refused, as the land had been in his family for generations. When the king didn't get his way, he sulked and wouldn't eat.

Queen Jezebel to the rescue! She gave her husband a pep talk. She told him to start acting like a king, and that she would get him the vineyard. King Ahab felt better. Ahab didn't tell Jezebel why Naboth wouldn't sell it, nor did he ask any questions how his wife was going to obtain the land.

Jezebel wrote a letter pretending to be King Ahab. She told the elders and nobles lies about Naboth, saying he cursed God and the king, and that Naboth should be stoned to death. She was looking out for her husband, but her motives were ungodly and inexcusable. The elders and nobles did as Ahab aka Jezebel requested, and Naboth was killed.

When Jezebel told her husband that Naboth was dead, and that he could have the land, again Ahab did not ask any questions. While visiting his newly acquired garden, Ahab had a visitor, Elijah the prophet. Elijah told Ahab that he got his property by killing an innocent man. Because of this, the Lord would bring disaster on him.

Good eventually did come from this, for Ahab changed his ways. Unfortunately Jezebel never altered hers.

When Ahab heard his punishment, he mourned and fasted. The king had a change of heart. The Lord saw this, and because Ahab humbled himself, he would not suffer disaster - although Ahab's descendants would experience it.

Lord, It seems so unfair that the one desire I have, I can't receive. Why is this happening? Take the desire away, if it is not Your will. Turn this pain into peace. Send someone my way that I can bless, instead of me focusing inwardly so much. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


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