[CF Devotionals] 2009-11-20 - Go Ye

The M's of Evangelism ~ Part 2


Go is really a simple command. Don't wait for them to come to you; go to them. Go is translated from a Greek word poreuomai (por-yoo'-om-ahee) meaning go forth, go one's way.  In other words, as you go - as you go about your lives or as part of your daily routine.  Nothing out of the ordinary here; Jesus doesn't say go to a foreign land; He says go  wherever you normally go in your day-to-day life.

Also notice this is a command, and not a suggestion. It isn't something we can do; it is something we should do. It is an order from the Master to the servant and from the King to His foot soldiers. A cartoon I've seen shows a man with his feet propped up on his desk. He's kicked back and relaxed looking yapping on the phone and he says, "Boy I haven't done a thing since I discovered this new boss judges us by faith and not works." Funny as that may seem that is the attitude of many today. The great thing about Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses is that they are eager to tell others about their religion because they are judged by their works. Whereas, we sit back and think well God's taken care of it all, I'll come to church on Sunday mornings since he saved my life but I don't want to do anything more than I have to.

According to legend, after Jesus ascended back to Heaven, all of the angels gathered around to welcome him home. They all talked for quite some time.

Finally Gabriel asked, "Master, you suffered terribly down there. Do they know and appreciate the extent of your sacrifice?"
"No," said Jesus "Not yet. Only a handful in Palestine know"
"Then what have you done to let everyone else know?" asked Gabriel
"I've asked Peter, James, and John and a few others to spread the news. They will tell others who will tell others who will tell others until the message spreads to the ends of the earth."
Trying not to doubt Jesus but still knowing the nature of man, Gabriel asks, "So what's plan B?"
"I have no plan B," replied Christ. "There's no alternative strategy. I am counting on them"

2000 years later, there's still no plan B. He's counting on you and me! Do you want to let down the one who died for you?

The many messengers.


Who is this ye? He was not addressing the 12 apostles, nor was he speaking just to the leaders. He was addressing all His followers, every believer. He has given this message to everyone that receives Him as Lord and Savior from that day forward. As A.T. Pierson puts it, "Witnessing is the whole work of the whole church for the whole age." We are all called but only a few answer. You know it breaks Christ's heart but He knew while he was alive that not every one would have the faith to face their fears or the courage to take a stand for their beliefs or the compassion to share the plan of salvation. In fact Luke 10:2 records Jesus saying, "...The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest."

In the Southern Baptist Convention there are over 40,000 churches. Last year 10,000 of these churches had 0 baptisms - that's 0 people coming to know God. I did not say that these churches didn't grow as members moved from one church to another but they had now new growth only grafts from one tree to another. Doing a little math here that's 10,000 preachers preaching at least 2 times a week or 1,040,000 messages. Figuring at 5 deacons per church, that's another 50,000 people - deacons not bearing fruit in their lives. Even just a mere 6 Sunday School teachers per church means that 60,000 teacher teaching 1 lesson per week taught 3,120,000 lessons without stirring the soul of a single person. 120,000 people "working" and not a single soul won. Exactly what are they working for - their own glory or the glory of God?

All Christians are willing, some are willing to work, and others are willing to let them. What group of willing will you be in?

to be continued...


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All scripture references from KJV unless otherwise noted