[CF Devotionals] 2010-03-03 - Witness Protection Program

Acts 1:8, “And you will be my witnesses.”

As Christians we have an odd witness protection program. It is quite different than the kind of program in place in the United States. We are witnesses of the Love of God unto us, and our protection is the God we serve. We are to be His witnesses. Whether we like it or not, we are. We are witnesses for God on His Earth. Some of us are cowardly witnesses. We might not like to admit it, but when we should stand up for what we know to be true – for example, when we hear someone blaspheming – we often don’t. Call it what you will, but certainly cowardliness is a fitting term. Our call is even more than to be witnesses to the truth of God in our lives and in Himself. Our calling, first and foremost, is to be faithful witnesses. Yes, we are to be true witnesses, but really the call is to be faithful and true.

If you are a child of God, your witness is severely compromised if your character is in question. We know this is true of witnesses in a courtroom. If the character of the witness can be called into question, then the whole case which he/she represents is called into question. It is important for us, as children of the Living God, that our walk and talk, our lives and profession, all be above reproach. May the Lord grant that we would be witnesses that are up to the task. We all know the depravity of our hearts. We are prone to be untrue to what we know to be true. As we grow in God’s grace, may it be said of us that more and more we are faithful to the things that we are called to be witnesses unto. We are witnesses to the love of God, poured out in our lives. We are witnesses to the Lord’s wisdom in guiding, sustaining, and providing for us. God is good to His children. Let us be good witnesses of His goodness.

We are also to be witnesses to the power of prayer. This witness testifies to the power of God and gives Him the glory for the things that we have sought Him concerning. When He hears prayer, do we return thanks? Do we speak of God’s work to others? We are prone to seek the Lord for many things in prayer. We are less prone to acknowledge His mercies unto us when they have been given. Let us be witnesses to God’s power in hearing and answering prayer. God hears prayer every hour of every day. I will believe that the sun does not give light and warmth, before I will believe that God does not hear prayer. I am sure you feel the same, but do we speak of it? Do we tell people that the Living God, creator of Heaven and Earth, hears us when we cry to Him? (Psalm 4:3)

Our witness is precious when others refuse to be witnesses. We cannot be half followers of Christ and half tied to the world. There is no witness in that. We must really be faithful witnesses to the truth of our Lord’s Gospel, His providence, His mercy, kindness, love, care, and sustaining and preserving graces. If you have known the love of God, I will leave you with two questions: How can we not be witnesses of our God? How can we live any other way?

Soli Deo Gloria,

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