[CF Devotionals] 2010-04-20 - Rotten Potatoes

Normally, I'm not squeamish - except for snakes, worms and soggy or rotten food. I can't even look at it without gagging. My husband even graciously handles dirty dishes for me, so I won't become nauseous. (In turn, I gladly kill the bees he's allergic to!) But I'm thankful for some rotten potatoes. While I am sorry that the Irish folks of the mid-1800s had to go through a potato blight that rotted their precious crops - I recently realized that I wouldn't be "me," and might not even exist, had it not been for those rotten potatoes. For you see, the blight pushed my ancestors out of Ireland and into America. Had my mother's maternal ancestors not migrated to Virginia and then NC, my mother wouldn't have met my father - and I would never have been born. So I'm thankful for those blighted potatoes. (I love to think about things like these - and how amazingly events come together.)

Have you ever thought about that, all the things that had to line up exactly in order for you to be the person you are today? God uses all kinds of people and events - "good, bad and ugly" --to plot the path of our lives. And He can take even horrific events and turn them out for good, a la Romans 8:28 - in our marriages, our friendships, our vocations, and even our very existence.

What are the rotten potatoes of your life, for which you can thank God?


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