[Papercut Press Publishing] 2010-05-22 - So You Think You're a Chocaholic

Originally Published 1999-11-09

Genesis 1:31 And God saw all that He had made, and lo, it was very good.

In one of the largest chocolate cravings of all time, Martin Keys' "sweet tooth" got him in some real hot water. He is currently on trial in Europe for plotting to steal 1.5 million Mars bars. When numbers get that high, it is often hard to realize just how many 1.5 million might be. Consider, if you will, that this is equivalent to eight truckloads of Mars bars.

Moderation is a good thing. In fact, the things that God placed on this earth, as the above verse says, are good, and they are here for our use and benefit. However, all these good things, when used to excess or improperly, cease to be good and can do us harm. Chocolate is, unless you have an allergy to it, a good and enjoyable sweet for most people. But, 1.5 million Mars bars is good for no one. 15 bars is even excessive. But a Mars bar, from time to time, can be appreciated and savored. This is true with anything.

For example, consider sex. Sex is a good thing (Genesis 1:27,28; 2:24,25). It is God's idea, it did not catch Him off guard when He found out these humans He created were "fooling around". But sex is only good for us when it is done as God has shown us and revealed to us in His Word. When sex is practiced in ways that God has not intended, such as outside of marriage (Proverbs 7:6-23), or in homosexual relations (Romans 1:26,27), and a host of other ways, sex is not a good thing.

This is also true with exercise. Exercise is good for us. But exercise is only good for us when done in moderation. We all know what it is like to "overdo" it. Jogging two miles three days a week is a good thing for someone who exercises regularly, but that same person would be foolish to decide to run a marathon. So while exercise is good for us, over-exercising is not. This is true in every area of our lives. Reading, talking on the phone, brushing our teeth, watching TV, eating, working, use of the internet, sleeping, drinking, and everything else we do are all good, when used in moderation or appropriately. But all these can be harmful to us when used or enjoyed to excess. All these good things can be abused.

So what area of your life is in need of a moderating influence? What qualifies as your 1.5 million Mars bars? Where are your struggles with excess? You may be the only one who knows, and you may believe that, but really your Heavenly Father also knows, and He cares for you as a father tenderly cares for his child. Cast your cares upon Him, and trust Him for the strength to use all these good things that God has given you wisely and temperately. In doing so, you will find these precious good things that God has given to you will become again a joy to you.

"There is a form of self-control that says 'yes' to what we should do, as well as that which says 'no' to what we shouldn't do." --Jerry Bridges

Soli Deo Gloria,