[CF Devotionals] 2011-01-24 - What Would Eutychus Say?

What Would They Say Series #5

Acts 20:7-12

Seated in a window was a young man named Eutychus, who was sinking into a deep sleep, as Paul talked on and on. When he was sound asleep, he fell to the ground from the third story, and was picked up dead. (Acts 20:9)

I couldn't stop yawning. Excuse me. I was looking forward to hearing Paul talk and heard he'd be leaving town the next day, so this was my only chance to hear him. You would think my excitement would have helped me stay awake. Nope. I was sitting on a windowsill thinking the fresh air would help wake me up. Instead I fell asleep, lost my balance, and fell out the window - three flights.

Everyone said I was dead, everyone except Paul. He took authority of the situation. Paul comforted the crowd and took me in his arms and said I was alive. I was! I don't remember a lot of the details, but people told me they were astonished I survived such a fall. Paul's faith, prayers, and the Lord's protection are the reasons I am here today. I know it will be awhile before I sit near a window again, that is for sure.

Lord, I appreciate the life You have given me. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Is there a time from your own personal history you'd like to change?

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