[CF Devotionals] 2011-06-26 - Ultimate Security Is with God

Nahum ~ Part 3

Verses 3b-6: These verses express the judgment of God through nature. As we have previously seen, God has used nature to bring judgment in a quite literal sense. Therefore, there is no reason to believe He will not do so again.

Those who have lived through cyclones and hurricanes know the fear and helplessness that comes with realizing humanity’s impotence vs. nature’s fury. Think how much more frightening it must be, to anticipate the storm that is the hand of an angry God.

“ … the LORD Almighty will come with thunder and earthquake and great noise, with windstorm and tempest and flames of a devouring fire” (Isaiah 29:6).

The waters represent God as the source of life, and as such, He is the one who gives it and takes it away. This is true whether we are considering water in a literal sense, or the jobs and the stability of resources we need to depend upon. Even those who reject God are dependent on His holding the world together. If He lets go, there is no hope for anyone.

“By a mere rebuke I dry up the sea, I turn rivers into a desert; their fish rot for lack of water and die of thirst” (Isaiah 50:2).

Just as, in the midst of the storm, we realize we cannot stand before an angry creation, consider other types of “natural” disasters. Earthquakes are even more frightening because they are unexpected and frequently life-threatening. They are extremely frightening, because as the Earth, the mountains, etc. shake, we are reminded that even what seems the most stable and secure really isn’t. Only God provides security, and when people rebel against Him, there is no security to be found.

“Look! The LORD is coming from his dwelling place; he comes down and treads the high places of the Earth. The mountains melt beneath him and the valleys split apart, like wax before the fire, like water rushing down a slope” (Micah 1:3-4).

But, sadly even these threats do nothing to move the hearts of those who are in rebellion against God. When the entire world is literally the weapon used by God, the response isn’t repentance, but anger against God. There is no one who can stand before Him except when covered by the shed blood of Christ.

“… C. S. Lewis, wrote a story (The Great Divorce) in which he tells about a bus trip that was run from hell to heaven (sic). It was the sort of tour in which those who were in hell (sic) could take a bus trip to heaven (sic). The bus was filled and, when it arrived in heaven (sic), the driver parked the bus in a parking lot. … The driver told everyone on the bus, “At four o’clock this afternoon, the bus is going to leave and head for home.” Home just happened to be Hell (sic). And at four o’clock that afternoon, the bus was filled—everyone was back. The bus driver told them, “If you want to stay, you can stay.” Why didn’t they stay? It was because they had found out they had no place in heaven (sic). One of the great saints of the past put it this way: “I would rather go to hell (sic) without sin than go to heaven (sic) with sin.” 5

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