[CF Devotionals] What Would Peter Say?

Acts 11:1-18

The voice spoke from Heaven a second time. "Do not call anything impure that God has made clean." This happened three times, and then it was all pulled up to Heaven again. (Acts 11:9-10 NIV)

News spread around, how I spent time with Gentiles who had begun to be open to the Word of God. It astonishes me how fast gossip travels, and how people believe the reports before they have heard the facts. After I left Cornelius' house, I went to Jerusalem, and that is where I personally heard the criticism against me. People were upset I had associated with Gentiles. This closed-minded attitude shouldn't be found in those who profess to be Christ-like people. It was if they did not believe I heard from the Lord.

Character is important to God. I told the people what happened, and once they learned that my words were true, their attitude changed, and they saw the occasion as a breakthrough. The people praised God for opening their eyes to how God lovingly pursues people.

Lord, I am facing a decision, and for some reason, the answer doesn't make logical sense, but I feel You calling me to step out in faith - and to trust You - and not what my mind is telling me. Help me to stay on the path You have carved out for me. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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