[CF Devotionals] 2012-08-09 - Learning from a Dead Battery

Friday night I was heading home a little late but happy to see the end of the week. Suddenly my car has a red alternator lamp lit up on the dashboard. My car is now running on the battery alone. I'm 25 miles from home on a major interstate highway. The clock is ticking before the engine will have no power to fire the spark plugs and keep moving. I grab my cell phone and call a friend who is roughly five miles away. He is home and says if the car will make it we're welcome to come that way. The race against the battery drain is on.

The failed part was just replaced about eight months ago. There is no good reason for it to be failing and I'm annoyed as I drive on to my friends house. I call home and inform my family of the situation and let them know I will call when I know more. I call my friend back as my car closes the distance. We talk about the problem until the car comes to a stop in his driveway. I call my for a tow truck that promises to be there within an hour.

We go inside and talk while we watch the Olympics and wait for the truck. I profusely thank my friend for his hospitality on such short notice. He is very gracious. The truck arrives after almost exactly an hour. The driver clearly knows what he is doing and carefully puts my car on the flatbed for transport. He is upset about something however. He thanks us for our patience and apologizes for his demeanor. The car is loaded inside of ten minutes, I say goodbye to my friend and the driver and I head for my mechanic's garage. Please pray for the driver and his family.

This afternoon I'm driving home when I pass the same spot on the highway where the problem Friday began. The battery in my cell phone is dead, and I hear this still small voice ask how much tougher would Friday have been without a working cell phone. I have been allowing myself to be annoyed by the premature failure of a moderately expensive car part all the while not being thankful for all the pieces that were in place to make the whole experience safe and purposeful. The car battery easily lasted to my friends house allowing me to be safe and dry. My cell phone was working allowing me to make calls and make arrangements. And, most importantly, I was available to allow this driver to cross my path so that I can pray for him and share this request with everyone who reads this page.

Providence in the form of a broken part in the electrical system of an automobile moved me with purpose. A reminder of purpose in the form of a dead cell phone battery and a tug on my heart. There are a number of verses that potentially fit this story. If you will, go to your Bible and find the one verse that you feel matches this situation and send it to me. I look forward to your responses.

Lord, thank You for opening my eyes. Teach me to be more aware of Your hand moving the pieces on the chessboard - including me. Amen.

Grace & Peace,

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