[CF Devotionals] 2012-08-12 - The Law of Love

The Epistles of John ~ Part 54 ~ 1 John

John certainly recognized there was a problem. The false teachers were trying, in their way, to subvert the truth of the gospel. And they were encouraging believers to not be so obsessive, but to live any way they wanted. And apparently, as John and others stood for God's truth, they experienced the hatred that Christ had warned them of. It is these concerns that John is speaking to, in this next section of this letter.

One of the most significant changes from the age of Law to the Church Age is the movement from Law and Sacrifice to the Law of Love. The Christian is motivated by God's love, given to us and in turn through us to others.

Christ lived out this truth, as He not only gave out the gospel of the kingdom, but as he brought healing and fed the crowds. Jesus saw not only the spiritual needs of the Jews, but their material needs as well. Jesus lived out truth and love in practical actions.

The problem John was dealing with was the teaching that nothing we do matters - that how we live isn't an issue. This belief held that knowledge in and of itself is the basis of salvation. John, in this passage, focuses on the place of love and actions in the life of the believer - in contrast with the nonbeliever.

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