[CF Devotionals] 2012-08-22 - Gas Caps

My husband Richard was gallantly pumping gasoline into my vehicle, because he knows I don't enjoy doing that. When the tank was full, he put the gas cap back on. Or so he thought. Once we arrived home, he noticed that it was only 90% on, so he twisted the the cap the rest of the way, until it clicked. The gas cap had been just a little loose. You might think that's just a little thing - not a big deal. But you'd be wrong! Not long after the stop at the convenience store (gas station), a red light lit up my dashboard, informing us that the engine needed to be serviced. That light wouldn't go off. Then the "overdrive warning" light came on. After that we started seeing the "traction control" warning light all the time. We knew none of it was true, since we had recently had the car maintenanced. But the lights wouldn't go off, so we ended up going right back to the dealership that services our car so faithfully. They had to reset our entire electronic system; that "little thing" had messed up everything!

Isn't sin that way, as well? We think "oh that small lie (maybe about why we missed a church service etc.?) isn't a big deal." But then we have to tell another lie to cover the first one, and then later, we may forget what we originally said. And so on. And then there are addictive sins. Eventually there is a need of more and more of the addictive substance - whether alcohol or other drugs, whether sex, obressisve shopping - or whatever the addiction entails. One sin leads to another, and even just one sin can separate us from a close relationship with our Heavenly Father, as well as our family or friends.

James 2:10 points out the serious nature of what we may think of as "minor" sins:

For whoever keeps the entire law, yet fails in one point, is guilty of breaking it all. (Holman Christian Standard Bible).

You can be sure of this: Ever since that incident several years ago (of which we were reminded yet again today), we are cautious - nearly to the point of paranoia - every time we put in gasoline. We double-check and sometimes triple-check while still at the pump, to ensure that the cap is in tightly. We stay "on top of it." Let us likewise "stay on top of" our "small" sins, remembering that they can be spiritually deadly, as well.