[CF Devotionals] 2012-11-27 - Sics and Sins

When I was recently proofing a document for someone, I noticed that in a direct quote, the author of the document put the notation (sic), to indicate that there was a grammar error. (Sic is short for sic erat scriptum, which literally means "thus it had been written" in Latin). Since the quote was from someone else, he couldn't change the text, but he wanted to acknowledge that there was a mistake in it. I was delighted to see that "sic," because nowadays, "sics" often seem to be practically extinct. I don't know if it's because people don't realize there is an error, or they simply don't care.

This reminded me of something else that is happening more and more, at least in America. Some people - even some who call themselves Christians - don't always know sin when they see it. And some who do, simply consider it irrelevant.

For example, surveys have shown that a fairly good number of those calling themselves Christians, see nothing wrong with pre-marital sex, contrary to what God's word has to say about that topic (Matthew 15:19 etc.). Or they believe that divorce is not a big deal - even though it was a big deal to Jesus (Matthew 5:31-32). And God's word is quite clear on the fact that we are to not treat people differently because the world considers them important, and that we are to look upon hearts and not shallow outward appearances. Yet Christians worship celebrities, politicians and others - just like unbelievers. In fact, if you were to judge us by what we consider "sin," sometimes people might not be able to tell a discernible difference between Christians and atheists.

So how can we correct this situation? We need to always remember that our plumbline for what's right and what's wrong should be the BIBLE - not talk show hosts or political leaders or even church leaders, if those people's beliefs don't line up with God's word. I've heard too many Christians say that the "Bible has to be read in light of the times it was written in," that many of the stories are just myths and not literally true, that there is no "right or wrong," and that we should just "live and let live."

The bottom line is that either we believe in and adhere to God's word, or we don't. If we believe in the God of the Bible and truly want to follow Him, we have to agree with His definitions of sin, instead of making up our own. Though there were many scribes, there is only one Biblical author, and it's not any of us.