[CF Devotionals] 2013-06-18 - I Didn't Know

So, I have just come from a meeting and actually the third one in three days. I was really supposed to be at a fourth, but missed it. I was worn out, since two of them had been evening, and this one was morning. I was relieved this one was done early, so I thought I would just swing by the store and head home for the day. Seemed like a great plan.

I'm on my way from the store to the house, and suddenly I see blue lights in my rearview. Surely, he must just need to go around me, so I get in the next lane and unfortunately, he followed. So I pulled into a parking lot and stopped with him behind me. I really had no clue why I had been stopped. A couple nights before, I realized one of my headlights was out, but since it was daylight I didn't have them on, so I figured I would be good 'till getting that changed. I had bought extra bulbs for front and back lights, the last time. So, the police officer comes up to the window and asks me if I know why I was stopped. I tell him no, and he explains that my right rear brake light is out. I think to myself "geez, another bulb? And what are the odds of having a right rear bulb and right front headlight out?" So he asks for my license and registration, and I hand it over. He takes a look around the outside of the car, checking my tags, and then comes back in a few minutes. He says "I'm not going to write you a ticket, ma'am; just get that taken care of." I was relieved and replied "thank you, I will".

I began thinking about a morning devotional, and how we were asked to thank God for forgiving our sins - and those were sins of which we knew we had been guilty. I knew my front headlight was out and had made plans to change it. But I didn't know about the taillight. We all have things we do that we know are silly, ridiculous, dumb or even rude - and we ask forgiveness. If I even suspect I have hurt someone, I ask a person I have wronged if they will forgive me. What about the things we aren't aware of? Like the taillight? My husband mentions those kinds of things we don't even know we have done, when he does dinner prayers or other prayers. I got a better understanding of how we could offend others and God, when I got pulled over yesterday. We can be dangerous and hurtful or even inconsiderate, and not even realize it. I pray that others, and my Father in Heaven, will continue to forgive me in those times - as well as I now more specifically ask for the "I didn't know and am so sorry" forgiveness.


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