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Introduction, Continued

Typology: The rich underlying typology of this idyll makes the book of Ruth more than a pastoral story of love. It is an important link in the unfolding account of redemption, presenting in figure our Lord as the great Kinsman-Redeemer in general, but particularly as that aspect of His glorious character will affect Israel, His covenant people, in their future restoration. It presents an important link in the messianic family, from which our Lord came some 1,100 years later. 1

Themes: John MacArthur identifies some seven major themes within the book. While we go through the book, we will certainly consider some in detail and only touch on others. He states the following:

"First, Ruth the Moabitess illustrates that God's redemptive plan extended beyond the Jews to Gentiles (2:12). Second, Ruth demonstrates that women are coheirs with men of God's salvation grace (see 1 Peter 3:7). Third, Ruth portrays the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31:10 (see 3:11). Fourth, Ruth describes God's sovereign (1:6; 4:13) and providential care (2:3) of seemingly unimportant people at apparently insignificant times which later prove to be monumentally crucial to accomplishing God's will. Fifth, Ruth along with Tamar (Genesis 38), Rehab (Joshua 2), and Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11-12) stand in the genealogy of the Messianic line (4:17, 22; see Matthew 1:5). Sixth, Boaz, as a type of Christ, becomes Ruth's kinsman-redeemer (4:1-12). Finally, David's right (and thus Christ's right) to the throne of Israel is traced back to Judah (4:18-22); see Genesis 49:8-12). 2

The themes I want to focus on deal with the providence of God and the kinsman-redeemer.

The themes I want to focus on deal with the providence of God and the kinsman-redeemer. I may take one session to consider Proverbs 31 in relationship to Ruth.

To be continued.

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